Loop is a Lifestyle Software Company

We are all about creating useful software tools that solve real-world problems.


We are passionate about inventing SaaS software products and champion the entrepreneurial spirit. Our primary focus is to development solutions that are highly useful and delight our users. We are always looking to explore new opportunities and sometimes co-develop products with domain experts.

We don’t just want to just get the work done, we also want to feel good about the process. It matters that our employees feel intellectually stimulated by their work. It matters that we have the time and budget necessary to do a great job. There is no doubt that we put in long hours and genuinely like our work, but we also relish the time away from the office and recognize how important it is to stimulate creative problem solving

Problem Solving

There is one required attribute that each member of our staff must possess, problem solving ability. In our line of work, there aren’t any formulas. You must be innately curious to go digging through thousands of lines of code to learn how something works.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

We are entrepreneurs at heart so we love to invest in new opportunities. We have completed fixed-fee jobs but we much prefer to partner with clients in a way that we can all share in the long term success.

Company Culture

Our mantra is be comfortable and be yourself. There are no titles and no dress code. We only care about two things: doing work that we can be proud of and doing it with people that we genuinely like.


Loop Software was launched in 2017 through acquisition of the SES SaaS platform from PTC, a global software company. SES was originally architected by Loop’s CTO, Gary Cornelisse, about 15 years ago. Loop’s focus is to leverage and redevelop the SES platform while also launching new SaaS applications.

In 2018, we partnered with an Israeli company and began work on an Amazon selling platform to improve the way FBA merchants sell their inventoried products. The software has been in production for about a year with nearly 100 active users; one of which has broken the $1M mark. In 2021, this software was discontinued due to Amazon policy changes that prohibit this selling technique.

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