Loop Core Platform

In 2020, we set out to create a development approach that would allow us to build cloud apps 5X faster than ever before. Instead of taking years to complete projects, we would develop sophisticated, cloud-based apps in months. This platform was dubbed “Loop Core”.

The Loop Core Platform has a base set of features out of the box. These features are organized in modules so that applications can turn on and off the functionality that is needed.

Loop Core modules include:

  • Account – Manage Accounts and Users
  • Product – Full PIM functionality
  • Invoice – Manage Transactions
  • Digital Asset Library – Manage images and documents, S3 Compatible
  • Checkout – Supports E-commerce
  • Project – Task Management/Support Ticket
  • Integration – Data Integration and Scheduler
  • Email – Automated System emails
  • Schema – Custom Data Structure
  • Forms – Manage Custom incoming form data
  • Calendar – Calendar-based display
  • Pages – Custom web content


WPDataDriven provides an innovative approach to handling data in WordPress. Instead of custom post types and custom fields, we use a more traditional database, spreadsheet approach to managing your data. This allow you more flexibility in your page designs and limits the need for highly customized themes. Simply put data on any page you want using a shortcode.

The plugin includes a Data Source Builder, Query Builder, and Template Builder so developers can code exactly what they want right from the WordPress Admin. You can also easily, incorporate third party libraries such as Bootstrap, DataTables, Paginationjs or Google Maps.

SES Smart Equipment Suite

The Smart Equipment Suite is a SaaS application that facilitates aftermarket parts sales for medium to large manufacturers. The software includes an electronic parts catalog that allows users to select replacement parts from engineering drawings and checkout through a traditional e-commerce experience. In addition, it provides dynamic, parts book publishing to allow manufacturers to publish 1000+ page parts books with a click of a button.

With 20 years in the market and hundreds of millions of dollars in parts sales, our Smart Equipment Suite is a proven solution for medium to large manufacturers’ aftermarket parts businesses.

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