Custom Web Application Development

Developing custom software, aka bespoke software, can be expensive, time consuming and risky as tech is constantly changing. It is understandable why 66% of software project fail. However, off-the-shelf software doesn’t always meet the needs of the business causing inefficiency that costs millions of dollars and limiting growth. So what is a company to do?

In 2020, Loop set out to change the paradigm. Using our 25 years of experience building and maintaining enterprise-level, SaaS applications we have built a platform, called Loop Core to meet the challenge. Loop Core provides rapid development of most cloud-based applications. Now, custom software is not out of reach.

Key Advantages to Loop Core Approach:

Integration Engineering

Modern businesses of all sizes rely on data as an important part of scaling the business and gaining valuable insights. The challenge is that data is generated by many systems and these systems typically don’t talk to each other causing data silos. For example, you might have e-commerce ordering information that never makes it into your SalesForce CRM without manual intervention. This is time consuming and costly to a business.

Loop Software’s software engineers have 25+ years taking data from one system and making it available to another. We have software to facilitate data warehousing and tools to automate integrations. Our software engineers can leverage existing APIs to obtain the data, transform it and then make it accessible where it is needed. When APIs are not available, we typically rely on scheduled data dumps that can be picked up and processed.

  • ERP > Public Website
  • E-commerce data > Internal Accounting System
  • Public Website > ERP
  • Real Time Shipping Quotes > E-Commerce
  • Amazon > Custom Application
  • E-Commerce > Internal Inventory System
  • Google Analytics > Internal

UX Research and Design

A project built on a solid foundation of UX research will produce superior work and ultimately save thousands of dollars in rework efforts. UX research is essential to inform the design strategy and decisions made at every step of the design process. The data gleaned in UX research helps prioritize ideas and features, articulate user stories, and inform decisions on how the product will work and look. 

Loop Software provides UX Research and Design services specifically for enterprise website or web application projects. We meet with the stakeholders to define personas so that you fully understand all needs and perspectives. We work to understand business processes looking for design opportunities to increase efficiency. We develop low/high fidelity prototypes to show stakeholders how the final product will look and function before a single line of code is written.

  • Define stakeholder personas
  • Develop user insight reports
  • Develop low or high fidelity prototypes
  • Establish high-level functional and technical requirements
  • Advise on Data architecture

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