Rocksi Custom Quoting Application

Rockland Manufacturing, a manufacturer of heavy equipment attachments, was looking to innovate their quoting process which was time and labor intensive. They wanted a web-based tool that was so simple customers could create quotes themselves in real time.

An off-the-shelf, e-commerce solution would not work due to a complex product selection process which was driven by the machine that the attachment is going on. In addition, products are highly customizable and made to order so there is a lot of variability. This made the project an ideal candidate for a custom application.


Loop Software met the challenge by building a custom quoting application dubbed Rocksi. The application has been in production since 2015. There have been several upgrades of the app over the years to expand functionality including: real time shipping quotes, custom shipping rules for Rockland’s two locations and bringing Rocksi to mobile devices but, the original vision remains intact. Rockland has created tens of thousands of quotes using Rocksi and continues to push innovation by adding products and options to keep one step ahead of the competition.


Cloud based solution | Desktop and Mobile App | Secure customer login | Custom Filtered Product Selection | Integration with existing ERP | Automatic price and product updates | Real Time Shipping Quotes | Support for ongoing customization

Nonprofit CRM Platform for Fundraisers

Affinity Connection, a fundraising & marketing agency, has been serving the nonprofit market since 2000. They conduct print and electronic marketing efforts and process millions of dollars in donations every year. At the core of their business are two applications: a Fundraising CRM and a Project Management System. The main problem is that these two systems weren’t designed specifically for Affinity. There are many features that go unused while others that are needed are missing. There is also redundancy and manual coordination because the two systems do not talk to each other.


Loop is building an integrated system that offers both project management and a fundraising CRM in one system. It provides a client portal, so that nonprofits have direct access to their data with live dashboards and custom reporting. In addition, it offers tight integration with public facing marketing websites so that donors have the ability to make donations and directly update their account information when needed. This project is currently under developed and expected to go live win Q2 2023.


Cloud based solution | Client portal with secure login | Document management | Project Management | Billable Time Tracking | Donation Processing | Configurable CRM focused on Fundraising | Automated migration from legacy system

CRM/Customer Portal

Xsalta, LLC, a web design and marketing agency, has been serving the mental healthcare market since 2003. As the company has transitioned into a remote workforce, it has become increasingly important that all work be managed online and the generic CRM that they were using did not have the features unique to their business. In addition, the current CRM didn’t have a client portal at all so all interactions with clients had to be conducted via email and then service requests copied over into the CRM.


By leveraging Loop Core Platform, Loop was able to provide an affordable custom alternative to the generic CRM offering. The platform has been configured specifically for Xsalta’s business and we continue to refine the UX to achieve maximum efficiency. It went live in February of 2023 and is already making a major impact on daily activity.


Cloud based solution | Client portal with secure login | Document management | Project Management | Billable Time Tracking | Flexible configurable CRM focused on managing websites

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